Gallery of Art Metalwork

My interest in architecture, design, history and nature bring my own unique creative twist into my work. I primarily work with metal in the non-ferrous group, the precious metals of silver and gold, or copper and its alloys of bronze and brass, or aluminium. I use traditional forming techniques using hammers,to sink, raise, forge and chase. All these techniques can change the materials geometry from flat sheet to finished creation. Concepts are drawn as sketches. The successful sketch is drawn to full scale, graphed and refined to show all the delineations and dimensions of the finished piece. Next, the drawing is sectioned into the component pieces, and patterns are made for each piece to start the fabrication. Each piece may be annealed, pickled, and formed, many times, until it is worked to the desired shape. Each component must then be final fit and soldered together to form the completed shape of the creation. This final piece is then finished in textures or patinas to display it to its best advantage.

Gallery of Art Metalwork Slides

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