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I am very excited to have arranged for the accomplished Irish Silversmith, Brian Clarke, to come teach in my studio. He will be in Canada two weeks in June 3 -7 and 10-14. In the first week he will teach the skills of anticlastic raising to make a “Ribbon Torc”. Getting this down nails these skills.Then the second week will be forging, either a forged torc or a luna neckpiece. Brian has made reproductions of each and all of these pieces for the Irish National Museum. He is both a wonderful instructor and a master silversmith. These workshops are limited to 6 students each. Each workshop is $800 per week.

My new studio is south facing, with lots of natural light, 12 foot ceilings, and was purpose built. 1600 sq feet. Lastly, there is even a coat rack! It is a wonderful creative space in the Madawaska River Valley near Burnstown, Ontario, or if you lived here long enough “past the ‘Prior on the way to the ‘Frew t’ards the ‘Bogie”, in Springtown Ontario.


The Ribbon Torc

Ribbon Torc — Brian Clarke

The Ribbon Torc book by Brian Clarke

In this detailed book and DVD, Brian explains his process of making of a gold ribbon torc, using both the tools and technology of the early Iron Age. There is a short trailer from the DVD to the left.